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Do people even want PCs in their living room?

Ben Drawbaugh

One of the least expensive ways to get HD is to take a computer and add an inexpensive ATSC tuner, but how many people actually want to do this? The concept of a HTPC isn't very new and while it is very popular in certain circles, can it ever go mainstream? Some people would certainly argue yes, but recent news from HP indicates something different; HP has announced that they will no longer have a HTPC line. HP isn't the only one either, Dell has never had one and Apple opted for an iTunes extender (Apple TV). While we certainly appreciate the benefits of a HTPC, are they worth the cost, size, noise and hassles? Even many MCE 2005 fans prefer to use an Xbox 360 to connect to the TV. When it comes right down to it, most people want their home theater experiences to be drop dead simple, after all, isn't trying to relax the whole point of a home theater?

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