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Eidos holding out for better PS3 install base


Eidos, publisher of all things Tomb Raider and Hitman, is taking a wait and see approach to the PS3. Eidos says they will not release major titles on the PS3 until 2008 because the amount of people who own a PS3 doesn't make the cost of manufacturing for the console worth their time.

Eidos CEO Jane Cavanagh says, "We believe that PlayStation 3 will be a successful platform, and are developing technology and products for this console ... we do not believe that the installed base will be high enough until the second half of our 2008 financial year, most of our major product releases on the PlayStation 3 platform are not scheduled before that date." Coincidentally, Cavanagh spoke of digital distribution increasing their opportunities for profit the same day we received a release stating that Steam is increasing their line of Eidos games for sale.

Considering Hitman releases on a two year cycle, the next edition in the saga wouldn't occur until 2008 anyway. We also don't plan to see the next part of the Tomb Raider: Legend story until 2008 also. If PlayStation 3 owners really want to play Legend and Blood Money, they can always just get the PS2 versions.

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