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Forget the field, watch the soccer match on your PSP

Kyle Orland

Back in my day, everyone brought their fancy new transistor radios to the ball game to listen to the play-by-play. And the players people didn't wear their ball caps backwards, like you young'ns today! And Cracker Jack cost only a nickel! And certain folk weren't allowed on the field, dagnabbit!

Well, the times are a-changin', because soon people attending London Arsenal soccer matches will be able to get streaming stats and replays on their PSPs via a program called S.PORT (Back in my day, dots went at the end of sentences, consarnit). The program even allows live streaming of the game, for when you have to go to use the facilities (Back in my day, they weren't called the "facilities." It was called an outhouse, and it smelled awful. But did we complain? Noooooo.)

At this rate, soon you won't even have to go to your local sports stadium to see the game. With all the technology and such these days, I bet someone'll come up with a way to beam images of the game directly into your home, so you can watch from the comfort of your couch. Boy, won't that be something.

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