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Forum post of the day: Statements that make you leave a group


Sometimes I wonder how the majority of the world gets out of bed and puts on their pants without detailed instructions. Threads like "Sentences that have made you leave a group" do nothing to restore my faith in humanity, particularly the part of it that plays WoW. Highlights include:

  • 62 warrior, to a paladin: "Can I get Mark of the Wild?"
  • Hunter: "Has anybody seen my pet?"
  • "Stop using fade. It messes up my video card."
  • "Stop ninjaing the soul shards!"
  • "/gim totally ninjaing chest after this boss dies, this @#$% pally thinks he can roll on hellreaver'"
  • "How do I tank?"
  • "I am so drunk right now."

Personally, I'll put up with a lot in a group, but two things tend to send up red flags. First off, "R U RILLY A GIRL" or anything along those lines, particularly since I suspect it'll soon be followed up with a request for naked pictures or myspace addresses. I also don't stick around in any group where the leader is expounding on how rogues are no good for anything other than opening the door/chest ... and then am asked to open a door/chest. \

What makes you leave a group?

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