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HP StorageWorks Media Vault Pro eyes small biz

Darren Murph

Late last year, HP hit us up with its first venture into the world of NAS, and just as Q1 winds down and Q2 impatiently begins, the outfit is hoping to attract the attention of up and coming small business owners. The StorageWorks Media Vault Pro is one of the dozen or so products briefly (and we do mean briefly) introduced in its latest small biz lineup, and aside from the elegant image we left to stare at, we really don't know much else. Reportedly, the drive ratchets up to 1TB in size, will ring up just under a grand, and provides the obligatory "expandable network storage and enhanced protection services" that all the competitors do, but alas, we've no idea when HP plans on launching these things into hectic startup offices.

[Via TGDaily]

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