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Mobile controller concept fits like a ... sleeve?

Kyle Orland

Tired of tapping at tiny, ergonomically suspect buttons to play your favorite mobile phone games? How about putting on a sleeve and flexing your muscles instead?

Last September, mobile developer Arto Holopainen posted about a proof-of-conept case study for using two sets of EKG sensors to control a Snake game via muscle flexing. Now, Holopainen has expanded the concept with a wearable sleeve that translates flexes into standard mobile phone commands.

Holopainen sees the device being used for muscle rehabilitation or as an aid to disabled phone users, but we can't stop picturing a subway car full of hapless passengers flailing about to control their games of Bejeweled. Better yet, maybe someone will adapt the device for a line of specially-designed bodybuilding games. Who has the rights to the Lou Ferrigno license?

[Update: Fixed typo in Holopainen's name. Thanks Hakobus.]

[Via QuicklyBored]

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