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NTT DoCoMo hops on D&G RAZR bandwagon

Chris Ziegler

The partnership betwixt Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana must be proving fruitful, because NTT DoCoMo customers are the latest to get hooked up. The D&G-branded version of the M702iS rehashes the same bleeping RAZR formula, but changes out some of the less flashy bits for... well, flashy ones: the gray shell is replaced with a gold one, the phone comes loaded with a variety of original wallpapers and ringtones, and naturally, you get the obligatory D&G pendant, all in lovely custom packaging. Pre-orders for the model began March 1, but it'll only start to make its way into users' hands on April 20 for the princely sum of ¥75,000 (about $640). Don't hem and haw about it too long, though -- sales end on May 31 at precisely 10:30pm or until all units or sold, whichever comes first.

[Via Slashphone, thanks Staska]

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