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Velocity Micro's CableCARD Grand Theater PC ships

Darren Murph

It's been a hot couple of days for the shipping industry, as we've seen everything from automatic HDMI switches to the OQO Model 02 leave the docks en masse, and while Velocity Micro's much-anticipated CineMagix Grand Theater PC didn't quite beat out Niveus (which is admittedly just a CableCARD-ready solution), it's apparently joining the fray anyway. According to a report / screenshot over at Gearlog, it looks like Velocity Micro's intentions to ship its CableCARD HTPCs within the month actually panned out alright, as at least one lucky user is enjoying "premium HDTV on a Media Center PC" already. Notably, the coveted recipient didn't seem to have any major qualms when contacting Verizon for assistance in bringing the FiOS action into the HTPC, which makes the collective majority of us weep in envy. So if you've been waiting around to make sure this wasn't just one long-winded dream, feel free the pinch yourself and hand over your credit card deets, because these bad boys are ready and waiting to head your way.

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