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Alcatel readying 20 "stylish" handsets for the US market

Darren Murph

Just over a fortnight after deploying UMTS 900, Alcatel is now announcing that we Americans better get prepared for an absolute onslaught of phones right here in the US market. The 20 phone lineup is being dubbed a "spring lineup of fashion phones" that are reportedly quite the "chic and stylish" bunch. While there wasn't much detail on the specification end, we do know that the handsets will sport "soft-touch plastics, a leather-like finish, and design touches like dots of liquid metal." Of course, the ladies should appreciate the already-promised floral offerings, and those eying a low- to mid-range phone should find at least one option that suits their fancy. Among the barrage will be flavors that sport a 1.3-megapixel camera, 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, dedicated music controls, and support for 1GB TransFlash cards to boot. Currently, the outfit is already working to get its GSM handsets approved by AT&T, and the CDMA phones should be good to go on several "smaller regional carriers," hopefully by May of this year.


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