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Earth really is full of game cakes

Bonnie Ruberg

Do you love game cakes? So does! In answer to the ever-growing number of game-related cakes that have flooded the game world copycat-murder style, Kotaku's Michael Fahey and Joystiq's yours truly have banded together to start an entire site dedicated to game cakes. Okay, Fahey is the brains and the brawn; I'm just a lonely cake-enthusiast turned contributer.

Anyways, the point is, never before has there been a site so full of deliciousness. Plus, if you've made a game cake and have pictures, we want to publish them; everyone deserves their fifteen minutes of cakey fame. In addition to showing off pics, is also a place to share cake recipes, cake-eating testimonials, heck, even cake post mortems. is here for all your cake-related needs, or just your digital sugar fix...

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