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April Fool's Alert #6: Chinese WoW players hunt real Chinese people


Simon Carless over at GameSetWatch is one cheeky Brit. Unlike the Chinese WoW Coca-Cola bottles you see pictured, which are absolutely real, there aren't a group of wealthy Chinese WoW players setting up "WOW Hunting Park" to pursue their fellow man for sport. That's a whole new level of cosplay that we don't even think the Chinese have attained.

In Carless' story a wealthy man by the name of Boss Wu owns a mine and discovered, "We pay miners 30-50,000 RMB a year, and 50-100,000 RMB when they get killed. Why not offer them 250,000 RMB to let us hunt them down in our WOW Park? If they can survive the day without being killed we pay them the money, and if we catch them we pay their families."

Mine Boss Wu is the leader of a guild called Kuangzhu, which consists of 15 other Shanxi mine owners and the idea for the real-life cosplay WoW hunt came up at one of their monthly meetings. If Carless had gone the extra step and created a fake source for this story, we could've seen this being picked up by the mainstream media as real. Seriously, the MSM would love a story of men hunting men for sport.

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