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April news from Blizzard Europe


Most of Blizzard Europe's announcements today mirror the main Blizzard announcements, which we've already seen. However, from the European site, we get an extra tidbit of Black Temple information: complete information on the new Priests of Baa'ri faction! What do we know about these priests? Well, they were closely connected with the priesthood of the Temple of Karabor, now known as the Black Temple, and now they seek new allies to help reclaim the Temple of Karabor from Illidan's clutches.

And now on to the important stuff: faction rewards. Depending on how friendly you are with them, the Priest of Baa'ri may be willing to sell you patterns to craft holy resistance gear of all armor types, a new type of spellthread with +healing and holy resistance, and an armor kit with holy resistance. Does this mean we're going to have to worry about holy damage in the Black Temple? Well, I suppose I can start getting concerned about collecting resistance gear after I finish the attunement chain...

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