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Edge of Light Media opening Blu-ray doors for independent films

Darren Murph

The leapfrog games played around the HD DVD / Blu-ray table are unsurprisingly continuing, as just weeks after hearing about independent filmmakers getting a crack at the former, a newly formed outfit is looking to open the doors to the latter. Edge of Light Media, a firm formed from John Daly and Erick Hansen, will be headquartered in LA and have a manufacturing facility just a bit north in Spokane, Washington. The duo hopes that this will "open the door" for indie filmmakers looking to get their creations broadcasted to consumers in the HD format without breaking their respective banks, and they also hope to "broaden consumer adoption" of the Blu-ray format. No word just yet on when these guys will get things cranked up, but if you've got an excellent B-title just waiting to make the jump to Blu-ray, here's your sign.

[Via HDForIndies]

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