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2.1.0 raid changes: Rogues, drops, trash and pots!


Raid developer Tigole posted today on the official WoW forums with some news about the changes to raiding in 2.1.0. The original topic was accidentally (and temporarily) deleted from the forums, but the smart folks at Elitist Jerks and Worldofraids have saved copies of his post. All of Tigole's post can be found after the cut, but the highlights include:

  • Melee DPS and Rogues: All sweeping strikes and 360 degree cleaves have been removed from Burning Crusade bosses. The "glancing blows" mechanic has been reevaluated to reduce the loss of damage on mobs 1 to 3 levels higher than the player (i.e. everything in instances.) This will have a "significant effect" on endgame melee DPS.
  • Raid itemization: Raid drops will be buffed. He uses a warrior tanking breastplate as an example.
  • Trash: Trash mobs in many zones have been made easier to clear and have had their respawn time increased. He explains that they're still going to have respawning trash in instances as a "pacing mechanic", but says they've fixed some bugs where it was respawning too quickly.
  • Consumables: No details here, but "substantial changes" to the way flasks and elixirs work. He notes that they don't want to hurt alchemists, but they do want to "remove the tedium and cost" from consumable farming. "More information soon."

Full quote behind the cut.

"Lately, I've been seeing a lot of posts about the same subjects – subjects that have been addressed in an upcoming patch – so I wanted to let you guys know where things stood.

The Rogue Situation

We've done a tuning pass of many of our dungeons/bosses/encounters to ensure that nothing overly punishing occurs to "melee DPS' that would lead people to favor ranged DPS over Rogues/DPS Warriors etc.

Also, we've changed the NPC cleave mechanic so that it's now a frontal cone ability rather than a 360 degree chain attack. Sweeping Strikes has been removed from all Burning Crusade NPC's. We're also reducing the Glancing Blow damage penalty for creatures 1-3 levels higher than the player. This will have a significant effect on melee DPS as it relates to endgame melee dps. More details on this at a later time.

End Game Itemization

As we've stated before, we made a lot of improvements to endgame gear progression. To put it in perspective, take a look at this Warrior Tanking Breastplate from before and after.

Destroyer Chestguard – Currently
+24 Strength
+22 Agility
+39 Stamina
Blue Socket
Yellow Socket
Red Socket
Socket Bonus +6 Stamina
Equip: Increases Defense Rating by 23
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 16
Equip: Improves hit rating by 18

Destroyer Chestguard – Patch 2.1.0
+21 Strength
+22 Agility
+51 Stamina
Blue Socket
Yellow Socket
Red Socket
Socket Bonus +6 Stamina
Equip: Increases Defense Rating by 23
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 20
Equip: Improved hit rating by 20

"Trash" Concerns

Equally interesting yet non-epic-dropping non-bosses (or "Trash" as he community likes to call it) has been of concern lately on these forums. In all of our 25 person raid zones we've made a number of bug fixes and tuning adjustments. For example, the trash should be significantly easier to clear in most cases – and take less time. Also, we've lengthened the time between respawn on a lot of the trash. Yes, trash will respawn in some cases. It's a pacing mechanic and one that works well when tuned correctly. For example, the trash before the Prophet Skeram or the trash before Attumen the Huntsmen or the Maiden of Virtue works well. You get a couple of tries on the boss, and if you fail, you spend a short time re-clearing. Yes, there are cases of the trash respawning too fast or the trash being too difficult or too lengthy. Those are the cases we hope to fix. We've also fixed some bugs that were allowing the trash to respawn after the boss for a certain area was dead.


We're making substantial changes to the way certain consumables work . In particular, Flasks and Elixirs are going to undergo major changes. More information will be available later on. We want Flasks and Elixirs to be a part of the game. We want alchemy to be a cool, needed profession. But we want to remove the tedium and cost from the massive consumable farming that's going on for endgame raiding. We'll provide more information soon – but for now, expect big changes to Flasks and Elixirs.

Boss Tuning

We're looking at the boss tuning from dungeons to heroics to raids. Your feedback is being listened to.

To Summarize

We're making big improvements to the game. Whenever possible, we hotfix changes to get them to you as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are many changes that require a patch and cannot be hotfixed. Many of these changes are coming in Patch 2.1.0. The patch will be on PTR's in the upcoming weeks. You'll be able to see them there and try them out for yourselves. You'll also be able to test Black Temple. We're also looking into ways of making Hyjal accessible on the PTR as well to get more testing on that zone.

I can assure you that we're aware of the issues you guys are discussing on the boards and we're listening closely. We're also dedicated fans of the game ourselves. We play it every day =D We will affect change as quickly as we can. Patch 2.1.0 will be on the PTR soon enough and you'll all have the opportunity to comment and make suggestions on the changes."

So what do you guys think about this? Looking forward to the raid changes? As a rogue, I give a "woo hoo!" to the clancing blows change.

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