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AddOn Spotlight: SCTd

Eliah Hecht

We all probably know SCT, or Scrolling Combat Text, the mod that puts incoming damage, buffs, etc. above your character's head, or down the side, or whatever. It's the AddOn that Blizzard ripped off borrowed for their built-in Floating Combat Text, and it's a true classic of the AddOn world.

But what if you wanted to display your own damage, the damage you dish out, above your head? SCT - Damage (or SCTd) is the ticket there. It requires SCT, and can show all the damage you do, including names of special skills, resist information, coloration by spell school, DOT ticks, and so forth, right in the middle of the screen over your character's head where you can see it. It's very nice for ranged damage, since your target may be inconveniently located for the built-in damage display.

It's a good mod, and I love it. I only wish it would show heals I do as well as damage I do -- I know SCT can show my heals, but it would work better for my setup if SCTd could do it too. New in the latest version of SCTd, by the way, is an oft-requested feature: the ability to show damage above your targets' name plates. It's still in beta, so to speak -- it's buggy and has some limitations -- but if you want it, there it is.

Download SCTd at WoWInterface
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