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BlueAnt Supertooth Light Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone

Darren Murph

The options for an in-car handsfree kit are darn near limitless, but for those not so keen on hardwiring a module into your car's stereo or fiddling with those dodgy FM transmitters, BlueAnt is offering up a swank alternative. The Supertooth Light Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone boasts a built-in speaker / microphone that neatly rides along on your vehicle's sun visor, allowing you to transport your handsfree device from one vehicle to another without dismantling a mess of wires. Additionally, it features Clear Voice Capture (CVC), DSP, and echo-reduction capabilities, and it can even adjust volume levels on the fly depending on ambient noise. You'll also have no trouble pairing up to five different phones, utilizing voice dial activation / redial, and talking for up to 15 hours straight without recharging the battery. So if you're interested in a more mobile solution to yapping in handsfree fashion, you can pick up BlueAnt's latest for $99.

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