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EMI DRM free tracks on iTunes: Pricing, and upgrading

Scott McNulty

As Dave posted, EMI is offering their entire catalog of music sans DRM. This is a great move for customers. Many people commented last night that it isn't the DRM that bothers them with iTunes downloads, but rather the lower bitrate of the songs. It would seem that EMI is going to be addressing that as well.

Not only will EMI songs be DRM free, but they will also be available at twice the bitrate of other songs on iTunes. There is a catch though, single DRM free tracks will cost $1.29 with DRMed tracks of the same music (at a lower bitrate) still available for $.99. You will also be able to 'upgrade' EMI tracks you have already purchased for $.30 each. Albums will be DRM free, though they won't charge a premium (hence, most will cost $9.99) and all of EMI's music videos will drop the DRM but remain priced at $1.99.

No word on when these tracks will be available on the iTunes Store (the first to offer them), but you can be sure this blogger will be buying a DRM free album when he can.

Update: Jobs says the tracks will be available in May.

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