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Logitech gets Vista-fancy with Cordless Desktop Wave


Just when you think you've witnessed every possible keyboard / mouse permutation from the likes of Microsoft and Logitech, here comes the latter with a spankin' new Vista-friendly setup, the Cordless Desktop Wave. Logitech hasn't officially announced the combo yet, but we're fairly sure our pals at the FCC, who spilled the beans on this one, wouldn't be pulling our leg. In addition to the usual media playback controls, the wireless keyboard includes dedicated buttons for Vista Gadgets, Photo Gallery, Windows Media Player, Media Center and Flip3D. The mouse also has the capability of activating Flip3D by clicking the scroll wheel. Not exactly earth shattering, but the gently curved Wave keyboard and comfortable-looking laser mouse should both do their thing just fine. Naturally no word on price or release date, but we'll let you know when such information turns up.

[Via TG Daily]

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