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Meizu's M3 Music Card unboxed

Darren Murph

Even Meizu itself admits to ganking a few design ideas from Cupertino, but that's not stopping it from sneaking past Apple's legal team and loosing the M3 Music Card into the wild. Thankfully, it has apparently reached the hands of a digicam-wielding individual over at iMP3, and the results are just as cute as we'd thought they would be. The shiny device comes in a tad skinnier than the beefed-up M6, and the shots of the video playing prove that watching a trilogy on this thing would probably drive your retinas insane, but a quick episode of Family Guy might not be out of the question. You know the drill, click on through for a few more snaps, and hit the links below for more of the unboxing action we all adore.

[Via TheGadgetSite]

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