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Virgin Media intros digital TV service, set-top box


It looks like Virgin is trying to pry folks in the U.K. away from their tried and true Freeview digital TV service, today announcing its own competing over-the-air service and set-top box. Opting for Virgin's offering will net you 40 TV channels and 15 radio stations, along with Virgin's on-screen programming guide, as well as the company's pint-sized VBox set-top box. While Virgin is touting both the box and service as "free," that's only the case if you also subscribe to Virgin's broadband/phone bundle, with the TV service apparently not available on its own (free or otherwise).

Update: As some of you have pointed out, it turns out that Virgin's much-ballyhooed service is actually nothing more than the standard Freeview service, with the free set-top box and Virgin-branded programming guide the only things distinguishing it from what's already widely available.

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