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Xbox 360 Fancast 010 -- Tenth-stravaganza


Dear lord, have we really done ten of these? While we spend every week pondering why anyone listens to these, it seems that at least some people have something amounting to less than complete disgust for the program. As such, we strive to serve those who find our program less onerous than, say, attempting to bathe a cat. This week's Fancast is a doozy by the way. We talk about the new Halo 2 maps, the upcoming Gears of War update, and GTAIV. Of course, all that pales in comparison to our special guest this week. In honor of our tenth episode (dated April 1st, no less), Microsoft's Xbox Live Director of Programming, Larry Hryb -- AKA Major Nelson -- joined our cast. Major enjoys guest hosting duties during the first half of the show, but the second half is dedicated to interrogating asking Major Nelson a few questions, many of which were submitted by our readers and listeners. We ask him about how he landed his gig at Microsoft and ask him some important questions about the Xbox 360 Elite. So, without further ado, download the show however you see fit and let the Tenth-stravaganza begin!

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Hosts: Richard Mitchell (SenseiRAM), Dustin Burg (SuperDunners), David Dreger (Knuckles Dawson)

Guest Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox Live Director of Programming, AKA Major Nelson

Music: Intro/Outro: Electromooq by Uma Floresta. Break: Xbox 360 Fancast Intro by Jon Black
(Interested in contributing music? Let us know.)


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Break: Featuring new music from Jon Black, created especially for the 360 Fancast. If you like it, let us know. We might use it as our new intro/outro music.

Question and answer session with Major Nelson

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