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"Classic" servers for a simpler time

Mike Schramm

Bob (nice name), like many players, finds himself pining for the days of yore. Sure, we're almost all flying around in Outland now. The loot is nice and the instances are plentiful. But there's something missing-- it's the weekly runs through BWL and AQ and ZG. It's Stratholme and Scholomance and leveling rep with Argent Dawn. It's raiding with 40 people at one time, and it's a world where you can be proud to be a hunter in full Tier 2, not embarrassed that you haven't picked up anything better.

And Bob's solution is an interesting one: he says it "would be awesome" for Blizzard to implement "classic" servers-- that is, servers that don't have the 60+ content. They could still have the Draenei and the Blood Elves (and Shaman and Paladin on both sides, I guess), but 60 would be as high as players could go, and the Dark Portal to Outland wouldn't be open-- Naxxramas would be the current pinnacle of raiding. Just like the old days.

It's not an unprecendented idea-- Dark Age of Camelot has a few "Classic" servers, in which one of the expansions simply isn't included (and the rules are tweaked a little bit to what I think is a previous patch). That was implemented based on player demand, and so if there's a lot of player demand for a non-Burning Crusade server, Blizzard could probably put it together. Drysc answers in the thread that while it's been considered, it's not likely-- Blizz doesn't want to split up players based on what expansions they own.

But I don't think that's all that's going on here-- Bob is 70, so he owns BC. He just wants a simpler time, before Fel Reavers, before Karazhan (whoops-- would Kara be on the classic servers?), and before Shattrath City. I don't know if I'd play there all the time; I might feel kind of silly fighting to finish MC when I knew I could just log out and back in to a character 10 levels higher. But I know where Bob's coming from.

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