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DARPA puts out call for shape-shifting 'ChemBots'

Evan Blass

Well this is just great. One of our few remaining advantages over the robots who wish to enslave us -- the ability to run away and cower in an inaccessible location -- may soon be gone forever, if DARPA's bid for softball-sized, morphing 'ChemBots' proves successful. The government's mad scientist wing wants proposals for a soft, flexible bot that is able to collapse down to a tenth of its original size, crawl through a one centimeter opening at a quarter of a meter per hour minute, and bulk back up to its original size in under 15 seconds. Think you're up for the challenge? White papers are due on May 3rd of this year, and since liquid metal robots won't be feasible until about the year 2029, interested parties better get cracking.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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