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Man still beats machine at Guitar Hero

Kyle Orland

It's a scary time to be a human. What with computers matching or improving on human performance in such diverse pursuits as chess and Wii Sports Bowling, the coming robot apocalypse may seem inevitable. But fear not, there is still one power that humans can lord over machines. I speak, of course, of the power to rock!

It's not for lack of trying on the machines' part, either. GarageGeeks' GuitarHeronoid makes a passable attempt at playing the game with its image-processing brain, human-like fingers, and shapely mannequin body. As you can see in the video below, though, the results are as of yet not terror-inspiring. More like pity-inspiring. Hey, robot, let us know when you can do better than this kid at PsychoBilly Freakout and we'll stage some sort of rock off. Until then, we'll be stockpiling E-bombs, just in case.

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