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Man wins 360 from Stacker machine

Dustin Burg

Making the internet rounds the other day was a video posted by our little brother site Nintendo Wii Fanboy. They posted a video of a group of kids winning a Nintendo Wii (the grand prize) at local mall's Stacker game. Not only were we impressed by the amount of vulgarities coming out of their mouths, but how crazy lucky they were.

But our grand prize of choice from a Stacker machine would have to be an Xbox 360, so where's the cool video showing an excitable group of kids winning a 360? With a goal in mind, we YouTubed all night and finally stumbled upon the video above. For your viewing pleasure, this is the X3F version of winning a grand prize from a Stacker machine, minus all those cool f bombs and such. Enjoy the Stacker video fun whether it be winning a Wii or a 360, we're all friends around these parts.

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