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PlayStation 3 sales plunge 82% in UK


After obliterating records upon its launch in the UK last week, PlayStation 3 sales have come down to Earth with all the grace of a skydiving walrus using an anvil for a parachute. Citing the latest Chart Track data, a report discloses that sales for Sony's system have dropped by 82% in the last week. Having sold an estimated 165,000 units before, the percentage represents a drop of 135,300 units, resulting in total sales of 29,700 systems for the week.

Previously, it was stated that the initial PS3 shipment for the UK numbered 220,000. With 55,000 units remaining after the first week and without considering any subsequent stock, it means that the PS3 sold an estimated 54% of its remaining stock. Compared to the 75% of stock sold in its initial week, it still makes for a notable 21% drop. Though the days are early yet and the PS3's overall performance in the country (and the rest of Europe) has yet to be assessed, things look to have slowed down quickly and considerably.

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