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PS3 sales go down the drain, slight clog

Nick Doerr

Oops. It seems like the initial "huzzah!" for the PlayStation 3 in the UK has died down, not unexpectedly. After busting records left and right upon its launch, the PS3 has snuggled into a much lower sales number last week. How much lower? Well, the first weekend saw around 165,000 units move off of shelves and the latest numbers put sales somewhere around 29,700 systems. Around an 82% decrease.

Again, this is to be expected, really. Everyone who really wanted one grabbed it as quick as they could. Now it's time for the slightly-less-hardcore to go out and get one... as soon as that paycheck clears. Movie ticket sales go down every week, too -- especially from opening weekend to the next weekend (there are, of course, exceptions). So is this really another attempt to smash Sony into the ground by the media? Probably, but it would be easier to assume that if the sales drop was, oh, less than 50%. At 82%, it's alarming enough to warrant a "hmm, what's going on here?" but not enough to start crying. Let's get some of those anticipated titles out there! It may help.

[Via Joystiq]

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