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Rumor: Guitar issues with Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II


Today we received two separate tips from readers telling us that Target stores wouldn't sell them Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360 because there was a "recall." We couldn't get in touch with Target corporate, but numerous local Target stores we contacted said they hadn't received anything from corporate about a recall. However, they did say that it may take a day and to check back tomorrow. Best Buy and Gamestop also have nothing in their system about a recall. Red Octane wouldn't return our phone call and an Xbox spokesperson at Edelman says they don't "directly handle third-party relationships" for Microsoft.

Based on a Gamespot message board GameStooge is reporting that the guitar is having issues with an unresponsive whammy bar. Apparently there were two different guitars manufactured (pictured above) for the game and the problems allegedly exist in the guitar with the pedal jack next to the power cord.

We're awaiting word from Red Octane on whether or not there is an issue with their Xbox 360 guitar controller and we'll follow up with Target tomorrow to see if the "recall" is official.

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