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Breakfast topic: How do you control your character?


Doctrine of Arthas asks the "top guilds" a burning question: do they have anyone in their guild who clicks on their abilities, or does everyone use keybindings? This is a topic that's come up a lot on the forums, with "clickers" being derided as bad or slow players. Of course, this being the WoW forums, there's one serious response from DnT (yes, a couple of their players click and are slow to turn but manage to avoid dying), and a whole lot of funny:

  • "Death and Taxes build lifesize replicas of the dungeons, dress up in robes and armor, and use motion capture technology to control their characters in game." Follow-up: "Our guild leader paid for everyone in the raid to play laser tag as C'thun practice."
  • "Everything I have is macro'ed on the Staples "That was easy" button."
  • "I smash my face on the keyboard repeatedly to get the job done."
  • "I feed punch cards into the computer to move. 'Forward' is cards 12 -> 53."
  • "I play text-based WoW. You are thy Raider! Ye find yourself in yon dungeon. Ye see a dragon. Behind ye dragon is ye epix. Obvious exits are North, South, and Hearth."

I used to be a clicker until BC, when I pretty much remodelled my interface. Now I mostly use the mouse to move and have numerical keybindings for my top abilities. For potions, buffs, and rarely-used abilities, I still click. I know I should keybind everything, but I have trouble remembering exactly what's bound to what without a visual reminder.

Do you click, use keybindings, or merely control the computer through a telepathic interface?

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