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Hospital Tycoon hoping to keep you in stitches this spring

Kevin Kelly

Yet another Tycoon game will be on shelves this spring once Hospital Tycoon has shipped. In this game you have to manage a bustling hospital, coordinate the staff, try to get the funds for new equipment, and "watch out for the spread of infectious conditions like "Monkey Nuts" or "Stress Zombosis", or you'll soon have an epidemic plunging the hospital into absolute chaos."

Trust us, we definitely don't want to come down with something called "Monkey Nuts." Check out the trailer for the game after the jump. It looks a tad like Scrubs meets The Sims, with a slight dose of Disorderlies thrown in. We just want to know when Tycoon Tycoon is coming out, so you can be a tycoon in charge of making new tycoons, and then corralling the tycoons, and making sure they tycoon.

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