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Jack Thompson's further Florida Bar issues


The day of reckoning for Jack Thompson approaches ever so slowly -- looks like somebody needs a luck dragon. Separately from another disciplinary hearing brought by the Florida Bar based on issues of misconduct, Thompson could be in trouble with the Florida Bar again over complaints filed by the judge from last year's Bully suit. The Florida Supreme Court has assigned a Miami judge for trial and if the complaints by the judge are upheld Thompson would face professional sanctions.

The complaints brought by Judge Ronald Friedman were based on Thompson's conduct during the Bully trial. The Bar believes Thompson lashed out against Friedman during the trial making statements with "a reckless disregard as to [their] truth." The Bar points to statements made in the 15-page complaint which include gems from Thompson like, "Here's a tip, Judge, I don't practice law. I save lives from reckless jurists like you." And about the game Bully, Thompson says to Friedman, "You missed the gay sex ... I'm sure the voters are going to love that. Go ahead, Judge. File your bar complaint. Make my day."

It's no secret at this point the Thompson's grip on reality is slipping. It seems the Florida Bar is looking to shut him down before he embarrasses the profession further. There is no word yet how this will affect Thompson's lawsuit to stop Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV from hitting store shelves.

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