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NiGHTS to have weather effects


Looks like Sega is trying to stage a comeback. After years of wading in a pool of mediocrity, there is a feeling of change in the air. Following the announcement of NiGHTS for the Wii, details are starting to emerge that Sega is actually putting -- oh, what's the word -- effort behind the new game. The most striking being the use of the Wii's Forecast Channel to change scenery based on real-world conditions.

NiGHTS will also have three masks (Dragon, Dolphin and Rocket) giving shape-shifting abilities. There will be seven dream worlds and using Wii Connect 24 players will be able to "exchange items with friends." Sega has burned us too many times in recent years for us to be optimistic about the new NiGHTS; however, we must admit we are in a state of cautious optimism. We'll be happy if NiGHTS doesn't add fuel to the Wiimote control issues fire.

[Via SegaNerds, Thanks Chris]

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