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Resident Evil 4 on Wii official, Umbrella Chronicles an on-rails shooter

Justin McElroy

Pity the Resident Evil fanatic. Not only has the poor guy had to buy two chainsaw controllers and brave two Resident Evil movies (and now suffers cold sweats anticipating the third), but according to Famitsu, he'll now have to buy a third version of Resident Evil 4, this time for Wii.

An intrepid NeoGAF member translated the info from the most recent issue of the Japanese magazine. The new version (presumably the unannounced game that Capcom hinted at last month) uses the Wiimote for aiming, naturally, but also uses it for stabbing zombies, as God intended. There's no word yet on whether or not it will reach North America, but a listing for the game briefly appeared on Gamestop's site, and the thing's already been localized once, so it would seem like a lock.

The scans say that the game will also include a trailer for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles which we know is due out before the end of 2007. Also, the Gamestop listing had the game set for June 25, so maybe you'll be whiling the summer days away holed up, slashing zombies -- suntan be damned!

Speaking of Umbrella Chronicles, the same scans report the game will be an on-rails shooter that will reveal the fall of the Umbrella Corporation. Chris, Jill, Rebecca, and Albert Wesker will return for the game, all in glorious 480p widescreen.

Yikes, do you hear that sort of low, groaning noise? Oh, it's all the people who bought Resident Evil: Dead Aim. Don't worry you guys, there's no indication that the two are directly linked, save for both being Resident Evil games in first-person perspective. With Capcom Day set for April 12, more information on both titles will likely be on the way soon.

[Via CVG]

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