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Sony preps the PSP for an assault on the teen market

Jared Rea

The PlayStation Portable may not have a Hannah Montana to offer the kids, but that hasn't stopped the 13-17 year old demographic from picking it up in droves. After the horrendous disaster that was the "All I Want For Christmas is a PSP" viral campaign, Sony is doing the smart thing when it comes to appealing to the younger set. They're actually going to market the thing like sane, rational people.

"Dude, Get Your Own" -- in addition to being a marriage of the Dell dude and the back of a Cheez-Its box -- is the name of the new campaign. The Kohler™ sat down with PSP senior product manager John Koller to discuss the new face of the Poospé and how they plan to target the teen market.

Sony is simply not willing to back down with the PSP and the recent (albeit, ridiculously late) price drop and T-Mobile deal keep it a viable option to would-be portable gamers. We only have one request for the new campaign: no more rapping, please.

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