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Today in Joystiq: April 4, 2007

Ross Miller

The picture worth a thousand giggles (thanks, Coneee). A note about yesterday's picture: you've asked for a wallpaper with an anvil and a walrus. We ask why, but then we promise to try and get you that wallpaper-sized image tomorrow. Check out the highlights for today:

Today's throwbackiest video: Atari Pole Position commercial from the 80s

Brits ban 'old' Xbox 360 commercial
Defender of the Crown is back, and ready for more jousting
Shooting, fighting, androgyny: Senko no Ronde coming stateside
NiGHTS to have weather effects
School of Rock: free Guitar Hero strategy guide
Resident Evil 4 on Wii official, Umbrella Chronicles an on-rails shooter
Microsoft defends 120GB Xbox HDD price
Area 51 being renovated at Hollywood's Paramount Pictures
Virtual Feds scope out 'Second Life' casinos
Square-Enix unveils yoga lessons and gardening for the DS
Game addiction on the rise, but 'stable' genes should prevent violent outbursts
No Metroid Prime 3 until after June
Kojima interview reveals MGS4 tidbits
Rod Humble spills his thoughts on 'The Marriage'
Red Octane responds to Xbox Guitar Hero II guitar issues
XBLA Sensible World of Soccer coming in ... GOOOOOAAAAALLLL!
Schizophrenic man kills, says GTA told him to do it
Hospital Tycoon hoping to keep you in stitches this spring
Game store clerks risk all, speak out ... anonymously
Buy Tony Hawk's board-burdened GH guitar, help starving musicians
Chart-Track: 82% drop in UK PS3 sales 'doesn't mean anything'
Sony preps the PSP for an assault on the teen market
Forza 2 demo a reality, says Microsoft
Jack Thompson's further Florida Bar issues

Rumors & Speculation
Is Bug Bash a game or something else entirely?

Culture & Community
Castlevania themes played on massive pipe organ
Laws in translation: Playable, English Wright demo
Should politics look more like games?
Another lucky Stacker video: guy wins an Xbox 360
Battlestar Galactica open source project is frackin' sweet

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