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ASUS' C90S whitebook laptop: upgradeable everything


Not every mag has the option of hitting up the corporate headquarters for their hands-on shots. So check NotebookReview who managed to pull the C90S out their hat while tooling about the ASUS headquarters in Taiwan. Yup, that's their new ASmobile C90S barebone laptop up there which offers far more expansion options than your average bear. Everything -- we mean everything (according to ASUS) -- can be configured and later upgraded to your liking right on down to your choice of processor, MXM graphics, and 15.4-inch LCDs. Now get out of here kid and check the pics after the read link. We're not expecting this to ship until midish-Mayish but you'll need the time to convince your CIO that platform upgrades -- not leases -- are the way of the future.

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