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ATI stops shipping CableCARD tuners due to bugs, will resume soon

Ryan Block, @ryan

There are a lot of puzzled people out there wondering what the hell the holdup is with the CableCARD PCs that supposedly launched. We have, after all, been promised CableCARD media PCs since Vista's launch in January; a couple early units have made it into the hands of extreme early adopters, but where are all the rest? Well, we finally have some answers from a trusted source close to the situation: ATI's stopped shipping CableCARD tuners to OEMs, and put pressure on its partners to hold off on further sales until it can get some issues worked out. The unfortunate irony here is that the bugs holding untold numbers of potential users back are relatively minor, only affecting switching between digital and analog in a very small number of Scientific Atlanta networks -- in other words, definitely not a showstopper, just an inconvenience. ATI's apparently already got a firmware remedy for the issue and sent it off for certification weeks ago, but once CableLABS is involved you know things aren't going to be pretty (or expeditious). The good news is ATI is expected to resume shipping DCTs at the end of this month, meaning your wait -- which you recently resumed -- will once again be over for those who haven't already thrown their arms to the air and snagged a TiVo Series3.

[Thanks, Keith]

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