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LG's SV280 "banana style phone"


Well, well! Who's copying who now, LG? The Korean firm rethinks (or, at the very least, rips from the Motorola RIZR Z8) ergonomics with its new SV280, apparently inspired by nature's perfect food: the banana. When closed, this clean-lined white slider looks like any other of its kind, but once opened (or is that peeled?), the handset curves to better fit against your face -- and we can easily see the ap'peel' (we so had to get that in somewhere) in that. Features include a 1.3 megapixel camera hidden under the slider, QVGA screen resolution, flashing sidebars for message notification, and an MP3 player. The rest of the phone's spec sheet is a bit of a mystery, but one thing that did pique our curiosity was the mention of "aromatherapy" -- and hey, who doesn't want the subtle scent of delicious fruits wafting toward their nostrils while they're on a call? In light of the local-market "Cyon" branding, expect this one to launch stateside in your wildest dreams only.


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