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Major Nelson teases new Dashboard details on Xbox 360 Fancast

If you haven't been listening to our very own Xbox 360 Fancast, you really ought to be! The team at Xbox 360 Fanboy just celebrated their tenth installment with a very special guest: Spring Dashboard rumors! Oh, and Major Nelson was there too. First, the bad news. According to Major (at around 0:39:45), the oft-requested clan support functionality ain't gonna be coming in the impending Spring update. That doesn't mean individual titles can't use the available API to support clans, but don't expect to see Dashboard level functionality.

Now the good news: Major says (at around 0:40:30) that the update will include "simple things that I've been asking for since launch." 360 Fanboy put their thinking caps on and came up with a pretty convincing guess. Adding some "Play Game" verbiage to determine what game is in the drive is a feature that Major's been vocal about and, they remind us, early Dashboard screenshots (like the one pictures above) included this functionality. It's been a long time coming, so let's hope it is coming.

Listen -- Xbox 360 Fancast 010 featuring XBL's Major Nelson
Speculate -- Spring update may upgrade "Play Game" verbiage
Denied -- What's not in the spring update: clan support

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