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More Halo 3 weapon and multiplayer details

Dustin Burg

In an interview with Gamepro, Bungie's Frankie answers questions about Halo 3's weapons and a few multiplayer inquiries. Among the nuggets of information squeezed from Frankie's lips are that the Needler has been overhauled (again), the Spiker is the Brute version of the SMG, and that the various types of grenades add another layer of strategy to the whole ball of wax. Equally interesting is that Frankie pretty much confirms Halo 3 will be using Halo 2's party based matchmaking (as if we doubted that) and when questioned about online co-op Frankie answered, "What is a co-op? We'll do our best to make the online experience a blast". Haha, funny Frankie. You know we want our online co-op and we want it now, or just when Halo 3 is released. That'll do. Read the full interview after the jump.

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