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Sony Style stores done with 20GB model


Hmmmmm, well this is certainly curious. Although there is no official word that the PlayStation 3's 20GB model is finished, the Sony Style stores haven't had them in stock for a long time and the mother ship is done with the model -- it's no longer listed on the site. We contacted and were told, "We haven't had it in stock for a month ... We're not getting any more. You could maybe go out and find one." Going to a Sony Style store isn't going to get you anywhere either. One store we called had the same story as A sales representative said, "We haven't gotten those [20GB] models in for a long time. We have plenty of 60 gig models in stock." When asked if the model had been discontinued he said, "Not officially ... but we haven't seen any in a long time."

Best Buy stopped carrying the 20 GB model last month. As of mid-March Sony told us the 20GB model was still being manufactured and that "retailers have been requesting the 60GB model, the mix has been about 80 percent 60GB, 20 percent 20GB retailer orders." Sony's own stores are part of that 80 percent now. Having two models of the PlayStation 3 is a nice gesture, but if a product is no longer being stocked by anyone, including Sony's own retail chain, does it really still exist?

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