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Today in Joystiq: April 5, 2007

Ross Miller

All this talk of The Neverhood coming back into the limelight had us thinking of other clay-riffic games of lore. Like Clay Fighter 63 1/3. Oh, the comical, not-so-classical fighting games. Thank lampbane for the trip down memory lane; check out the highlights for today:

Off the Grid reviews RoboRally
Joystiq Podcast 004 - Or IV, if you prefer edition (feat. CheapyD)
Major Nelson teases new Dashboard details on Xbox 360 Fancast
Today's game over video: The End of the World of Warcraft

Wii Blaster incoming
Prominence, a 3D sci-fi adventure game announced
UK retailer drops PlayStation 3 price by £25
New Gears of War gametype detailed, dated, and pulled
Atari project goes beyond Game 3.0
Develop 2007 dated, detailed: July 24 to 26 in Brighton
Boom Boom Rocket blasting XBLA mid-April
Gran Turismo HD 1.2, GTA 4 trailer to hit PS Network today
Atari chief, Bruno Bonnell, says 'au revoir'
Wii Sports Cuff harnesses Wii Remotes, raises eyebrows
Molyneux becomes French knight, farts in our general direction
Indie MMOG conference to be offered online
Jaffe: fixing scoring gap reason for Calling All Cars delay
Jeff Minter: artist, developer, friend of sheep
Super Rub 'a' Dub makes a splash on Europe PS3 Network
A few Halo 3 weapon details, you'll shoot yer eye out
GameTap reveals Sega Saturn plans with Bug!
Nintendo boosts profit forecast fourth time this fiscal year
Crime and punishment: Thieves make off with Sonic the Hedgehog
Army: Gamers can "take this to the next level" with military service
Sony Style stores done with 20GB model
Logitech blob-jumping advergame actually good

Rumors & Speculation
Analyst: hackers to target online consoles this year
Wii colored controllers and nunchucks finally coming?
'The Neverhood' may head to the silver screen

Culture & Community
EB Games lists Super Paper Mario for the Xbox 360 - HA HA LOLZ!
Is Guitar Hero breakin' the law? Breakin' the law?
Confessions of ... a video game store customer

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