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UK retailer drops PlayStation 3 price by 25

Justin McElroy

Two weeks out from the PlayStation 3's launch, UK retailer
has the has given the system a price cut of around $50. Sweetening the deal is the inclusion of a free HDMI cable and a Blu-ray copy of Adam Sandler comedy, Click, all for £399.99, which is £25 less than the current asking price for the console.

It could be easy to look at this as trying for attention or moving some excess stock were it not for a recent 82% UK PS3 sales drop reported by Chart-Track. The tracking group later made efforts to downplay the importance of the statistic, but this price cut would seem to justify, in some small part, the poor PS3 reception that the drop indicated.

While it's unclear if this is necessarily a portent of doom for the console's future in the UK (we suspect not), it's at least a good deal for our friends in the UK; though, at nearly $800, still not even close to what US customers are paying for the thing.

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