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Around Azeroth: Always sneaking up on you


I don't know how they do it -- they're massive, they're noisy, and the ground shakes when they get close -- but somehow the Fel Reavers in Hellfire Peninsula always seem to sneak up on me. (I suppose I shouldn't play while watching television.) Reader Usul of The Elders of Turalyon on Turalyon sends in this incredible shot with the following explanation:

I was on the top of Honor Hold, and decided that I wanted to turn in a quest at the mines (or so I thought). I slapped on Slow Fall, mounted up, and proceeded to jump off the mountain.

While Blizzard should be commended for such fantastic uptime during the onset of the Burning Crusade, I have noticed some times where I may be traveling and mobs appear from thin air because they aren't resolving fast enough.. not a big deal.

Until I saw the Fel Reaver appear... right next to me.

I turned to face the Reaver, which I figured was going to gank me with one hit, and managed to hit Print Screen at the same exact time...The results are submitted here.

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