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Concept handset features see-through camera viewfinder

Brian White

Once in a while an image of a concept wireless handset gets us drooling -- and a see-through screen qualifies. Pei-Hua Huang, a recent grad of North Carolina State University, is touting the possibly future of cellphones in his wondrous "What You See Is What You Get" (aka, WYSIWYG) concept that houses a 50mm-equivalent camera along with a transparent frame as the cam's viewfinder. We're not sure what this concept would mean beyond that ultra-cool, see-through screen area used for a viewfinder, but we're onboard with ya, Pei. If the camera body slides outta the way of that super-big viewfinder, we'd love to see this concept in action. Let's get a production contract started with an ODM, mkay?

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