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GayGamer visited by the Red Ring of Death


Another month, another media outlet visited by the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death. Two weeks ago we told the story of The Weekly Geek show. Now the gentlemen of GayGamer castle were visited and have lifted the drawbridge to keep the Xbox Reaper (pictured) from wandering around to the rest of their consoles. Timsy over at GayGamer gave a good sob story when he called to declare the death of his console and by the grace of Microsoft he'll pay $70, instead of the $140, for the repair. Of course, he'll be documenting the process for their readers, a story we are all too familiar with.

Microsoft just recently expanded their repair policy again. After increasing the warranty to a year, now if your Xbox 360 is visited by the Xbox Reaper, after paying for the repair you'll receive another year of warranty. Typically this is the part where we'd go over Microsoft fibbing greatly about the 3 percent failure rate, especially when you take the great fanboy story of seven deaths into the equation, but we'll just let all that go for once. Just tell your Xbox 360 you love it every night, because you never know when the Xbox Reaper will pay her a visit.

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