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Is Bell Canada ready for a buyout?

Brian White

Whoa -- Bell Canada is looking for a buyout partner? The larger-than-life private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company is rumored to be possibly looking at taking the Canadian telecom into a buyout situation. Most likely, Bell Canada wold go private and be taken off the public market completely (at least for the time being). Although current Canadian regulations may make it difficult for KKR to get its equity mitts on Bell Canada (and its wireless arm, Bell Mobility), KKR may be talking to the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan -- since that entity holds a 5% stake in Bell Canada at the moment. The number? How about $30 billion -- that is how much the deal would be roughly worth to a buyout firm. Bell Canada responded by officially stating that "there are no ongoing discussions being held with any private equity investor...and there are no plans to pursue such discussions."

[Thanks, Kevin]

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