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Mo mini, mo problems?

Justin McElroy

Ruby Minis? Satisfying and savory. The MINI Cooper? Stylish. Cadbury Mini Eggs? Delicious, but gutrot inducing. Though good things often come in little packages, when it comes to minigames, Ars Technica has had enough.

It's not so much the genre that irritates writer of this editorial, it's how much real estate it seems to be taking up on the gaming landscape, especially Nintendo consoles. The site argues that the genre has gone from an occasional treat to being often unsatisfying, a cash-in on beloved characters and, sometimes, a downright bore.

The writer also complains that half of the DS games he's purchased have some kind of mini-game compilation. So you keep buying them and companies keep making them? It sort of makes us wish there was a minigame that taught cause and effect.

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