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Rumor: Every Extend Extra Extreme Extricated in August for $10


In concluding a rather positive preview of rhythmically exploding retina melter, Every Extend Extra Extreme, IGN seems to casually pin down the game's release window and pricing. Article author, Douglass C. Perry, writes that Q? Entertainment's next Xbox Live Arcade game will be in one piece "and cost about $10, or 800 Microsoft points" when it arrives this summer, "probably August."

When queried about this information, a Microsoft spokesperson couldn't determine its exact origin, offering that "Microsoft hasn't announced anything about the title at all, other than it exists." Though it seems possible that Q? Entertainment simply informed IGN directly, prefacing the information with words like "about" and "probably" seems to indicate that nobody really knows for sure. Mizuguchi fans looking forward to the more Extreme version of Every Extend Extra will have to extend their patience just a bit more.

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