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zBoost cellphone booster comes in under $100

Brian White

For all those needing home and business cellular signal to the degree at which you can make and receive calls, the Wi-Ex zBoost may be your ticket. We're no fans of those cheap cellphone booster stickers, and make no mistake, this is way more legit -- from all appearances, the zBoost is the cheapest in-home cellular repeater yet at under $100. We're just as miffed as any of you when we have grand ol' signal strength that drops to unmanageable levels as soon as we set foot inside our homes or places of business. Bummer. Anyway, the zBoost may be the inexpensive way to cure that problem. Since the zBoost works in the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands, your favorite mobile carrier in the U.S. is supported with the notable exception of Nextel's iDEN network.

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